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Overlay Plotter Paper Roll

240.00 د.إ
Lectra, Gerber, Algotex, TKT, Signet, Hewlett Packard, Richpeace Plotter and Marker papers are specially developed to meet the specific needs of plotter machines in CAD operations.
  • Compatible to use  on all CAD systems including Assyst, Aster, Gerber, Graphtech, Hewlett Packard,  Investronica, Ioline, Lectra, Morgan, Richpeice, etc.
  • Flush , wrinkle free and uniformly Wound.
  • Branded in-house produced new strong concentric fresh paper cores with accurate inner diameter.
  • Each roll packed in strong moisture resistant laminate along with core plugs for edge protection.
  • Provides true for length and width
  • Ensure accurate registration and full-width marking