Stalwart started with selling of cloths to the customers.


Service of garments machineries , printing machineries and embroidery machineries and so on..

Job Work

Service of customised products like, t-shirt printing, embroidery, mugs, dairy and so on..


DTG (Direct to Garment Printer)

We add-on with DTG printer

Eco Solvent Printers

We add-on with Eco Solvent printer

Sublimation Printer

We add-on with Sublimation Printer

Sewing Machinery

We add-on with Sewing Machinery

Automated Eyelet Machinery

We add-on with Eyelet Machinery


Embroidery Machinery

We add-on with Embroidery Machinery

Automatic Rhinestone Machinery

We add-on with Automatic Rhinestone Machinery

Automatic Laminator Machinery

We add-on with Automatic Laminator Machinery

Automatic Fiber Filling Machinery

We add-on with Automatic Fiber Filling Machinery

Finding New Ways

Add-on will be Continue, to increase customer value and reduce the down time.