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Jack JK-T2210 Computerized, Direct Drive, Programmable, Large Pattern Sewing Machine

33,410.00 د.إ
The JK-T2210 is a large format programmable pattern sewing machine capable of sewing patterns up to 130mm x 100mm across

Jack JK-T781 High-Speed Industrial Buttonhole Machine (Complete Set)

7,150.00 د.إ
The JACK JK-T781D is a semi-automatic Lock Stitch Button Hole sewing machine designed to sew button holes on men’s and

Jack JKT9280D Twin Needle Feed Off The Arm Double Chainstitch Machine

7,650.00 د.إ
Twin needle feed off the arm double chainstitch machine Twin needle feed off the arm double chainstitch machine, with newly

Jack K5-D-1GBX356 Basic Cylinder Top And Bottom Cover Seam (Complete Set)

6,650.00 د.إ
3-needle, 5-thread cylinder bed coverstitch machine (interlock), equipped with an energy-saving motor mounted in the head (Direct Drive system), which

Jack T1900G Electronic Bar Tacking Machine (Compete Set)

11,150.00 د.إ
The JACK JK-T1900GSK-D is a high-speed electronic tacker designed to sew tacks and other patterns with 100 already pre-programmed in

Jack W4-D-01GBX356 3N 5.6MM Coverstitch (Top & Bottom) (Compete Set)

3,100.00 د.إ
The JACK W4  is a flatbed 3-Needle Top and Bottom cover stitch sewing machine ideal for general seaming of sportswear,

Janome 2212 LE Sewing Machine

929.00 د.إ
Janome 2212 LE features an all-metal mechanism that’s able to sew through thick fabrics. It Offers a high sewing speed of 860

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

920.00 د.إ
The Janome 2212 is lightweight stitching machine and easy to use. It is the perfect handheld sewing machine for the beginner and

Janome 2222 Sewing Machine

1,150.00 د.إ
Janome 2222 Sewing Machine  comes with great features like a free arm and drop feed make it versatile for all types

Janome 392 – 22 Stitches Sewing Machine (Heavy Duty)

1,295.00 د.إ
Janome 392 stitching machine features a 5 ¾” free arm, one piece aluminum casting, pressure dial, carrying handle, side thread cutter,

Janome 393PD Sewing Machine

1,049.00 د.إ
Janome 393PD- Multi functional Sewing Machine With base and cover Janome 393PD is made of metal as old sewing machine, comes

JANOME 7034D Magnolia 3/4 Thread Overlock Machine

1,363.00 د.إ
Janome Serger sturdy design and precise Janome stitch mechanism ensures beautiful 3/4 thread operation. And the fact that it doesn’t take